General Meetings

Development of the Annual General Meeting

Resolutions adopted by the General Shareholders Meeting

General Information

Information on the communication channels between the Company and the shareholders
Operating rules of the Electronic Shareholders Forum
Means and procedures for exercising voting rights and representation by remote means of communication

Information regarding the call to the meeting

OIR in relation to the Call for the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting
Announcement of the call for the General Meeting
Proposed resolutions
Total number of shares and voting rights of the date of the call
Instruction to attend and vote at the General Meeting by electronic means

Documentation available to shareholders

Annual Accounts and Individual Management Report together with 2022 Audit Report
Annual Accounts and Consolidated Management Report together with the 2022 Audit Report
Report by the Audit and Control Committee on the independence of the external auditor
Report by the Audit and Control Committee on its operation
Report by the Appointments and Remuneration Committee on its operation
Supporting report from the Board of Directors assessing the competence, experience and merits of the candidates proposed for re-election.
Report of the appointment and remuneration committee in relation to the proposed resolutions for the ratification, appointment or re-election of directors
Information on the Directors whose re-election is put to the vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders.
2022 Annual Corporate Governance Report
Directors’ remuneration Policy of Inmobiliaria Colonial in the years 2024, 2025 and 2026
Report of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee in relation with the directors’ remuneration policy of Inmobiliaria Colonial in the years 2024,2025 and 2026.
Annual Report on the Directors’ Remuneration for 2022
Board regulations
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