Share capital and shareholder structure

 Shareholder structure 

Data according to the CNMV communications and communications received by the company.

Shareholder Structure Graphic

(*) According to reports in the CNMV and notifications received by the Company.

(1) Mr. Carlos Fernández González controls the majority of the capital and voting rights of Grupo FarLuca, S.A. de C.V., entity that owns the majority of the capital and voting rights of Grupo Finaccess, S.A.P.I. de C.V., which owns 99.99% of the capital and voting rights of Finaccess Capital, S.A. de C.V., which controls the direct shareholders de Finaccess Inmobiliaria, S.L. (51%) and Finaccess Capital Inversores, S.L. (100%). The direct shareholders are therefore controlled by entities related to Mr. Carlos Fernández González and the percentage in the share capital thus controlled amounts to 14.83%.

On the other hand, Mr. Carlos Fernández González has a close relationship with Finaccess México, S.A. de C.V., Investment Funds Operating Company. This company owns an indirect share of 0.46% of the stock of Inmobiliaria Colonial, SOCIMI, S.A. The direct holder of the participation is Latin 10, S.A. de C.V., a fund independently managed by Finaccess Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Shareholdings & Treasury shares

This information is available on the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) website, where the company’s treasury share situation is described.

Capital Structure

Inmobiliaria Colonial’s share capital, following the most recent capital increase in August 2021, amounts to 1,326,523,705.00 euros, comprising 530,609,482 shares, each with a nominal value of 2.5 euro. All the shares are of the same class and series, represented by the book-entry method and are fully paid-up and subscribed. All the shares confer the same voting and financial rights.

The shares of Inmobiliaria Colonial, SOCIMI, S.A. they are listed on the Stock Exchanges of Madrid and Barcelona, in the segment corresponding to general contracting market trading.

Capital Performance

Date Operation Nº Issued Shares Nº Total Shares Nominal per Share New Share Capital
Jan. 2014 Capital reduction - 225.918.690 0,25€ 56.479.672,50€
Jan. 2014 Capital increase warrants conversion 1.890 225.920.580 0,25€ 56.480.145,00€
Mar. 2014 Capital increase warrants conversion 79.101 225.999.681 0,25€ 56.499.920,25€
May. 2014 Capital increase 2.937.995.853 3.163.995.534 0,25€ 790.998.883,50€
May. 2014 Capital increase warrants conversion 1.944.444 3.165.939.978 0,25€ 791.484.994,50€
Dec. 2014 Capital increase warrants conversion 22.916.662 3.188.856.640 0,25€ 797.214.160,00€
Jun. 2016 Capital increase 90.805.920 3.279.662.560 0,25€ 819.915.640€
Jun. 2016 Capital increase 288.571.430 3.568.233.990 0,25€ 892.058.497,50€
Jul. 2016 Contra-split - 356.823.399 2,5€ 892.058.497,50€
May. 2017 Capital increase 35.646.657 392.470.056 2,5€ 981.175.140,00€
Nov. 2017 Capital increase 42.847.300 435.317.356 2,5€,00€
Jul. 2018 Capital increase 19.273.622 454.590.978 2,5€ 1.136.477.445,00€
Nov. 2018 Capital increase 53.523.803 508.114.781 2,5€,50€
Ago. 2021 Capital increase 22.494.701 530.609.482 2,5€ 1.326.523.705,00€
Sep. 2021 Capital increase 9.006.155 539.615.637 2,5€ 1.349.039.092,50€
Evolution of capital
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