Essential apps for your office


Essential apps for your office

Smartphones have become a necessary element in our day-to-day lives. The possibilities offered to us by mobile phone apps have caused us to spend more and more time paying attention to our phones, to the point of it becoming a work tool.

Companies are changing their way of working and the traditional office model is making way for more connected and multi-functional spaces. Millennials demand new business cultures and that mobile phone applications are a part of this new work ecosystem.

Many work tasks and tools to improve the company’s way of working are optimised by mobile phone applications. Below is a list of the essential apps for your office:

  • Slack: versions for your desktop and your mobile phone are available, it is a messaging tool that enables communication between all members of the company and integrates many tools: Dropbox, Drive, Twitter, Mailchimp and Skype.
  • CamScanner: this app enables us to digitise any document that we need to send as a PDF or word document by e-mail. Camcard is a similar application that digitises business cards on our smartphones.
  • Cisco Umbrella: prevents and maintains your company's networks and connections protected from a possible cyber attack.
  • TeamViewer and Pushbullet: with the first app, we can access remotely our computers from our Smartphones and with the second app our mobile phone and computer can be synchronised. Pushbullet transfers all files from one device to another.
  • RescueTime: available for computers and smartphones, this app measures and collects our daily activities to know how we invest our time in each task. Very similar to RescueTime is the Toggl Time Tracker app which manages time effectively and increases productivity.
  • LastPass: saves all your passwords in one place and can be accessed from all devices. Now it will be enough to remember a single access password to the app to have access to all of your passwords.
  • Signeasy: to sign and send documents from your telephone and Tablet. Signeasy also allows you to include third party signatures on documents from anywhere.

The possibilities and benefits of apps in the office are endless. With the digitalisation of companies and their work processes, employee productivity improves, the perception of the company changes and the desire to belong to it increases.

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