The ideal office for Millennials


The ideal office for Millennials

Millennials, the generation born between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 2000s, are aiming to transform workspaces, offices and the way of working. They currently occupy junior or internship positions; however, by 2025 they will represent 75% of the total global work force. 

Traditional offices do not respond to the needs of Millennials. This generation demands greater work flexibility, more spaces to develop creativity and improved reconciliation between their professional and personal lives.

What is a Millennials’ office like?

  • Collaborative spaces

The concept of individual offices and fixed spaces is diluted and gives way to co-working and common shared areas within the same office to encourage the synergy of ideas and boost creativity and productivity.

  • Chill-out areas

These offices have welcoming, informal and relaxed spaces to promote informal conversations among employees and encourage a good working environment.

  • Connected offices

Millennials look for technologically connected offices that facilitate tele working. They are attracted to innovative companies and those in which social networks and technology are used as work tools.

  • Energy efficiency

Offices that have seals and LEED and BREEAM certificates that guarantee their sustainable commitment to the environment are another essential requirement in order to connect with the Millennial generation, which is much more sensitive to respecting the environment.

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