Whistleblowing channel

Welcome to the Colonial Group's Whistleblowing Channel. 

The purpose of this Channel is to facilitate the reporting of possible irregularities that may constitute a serious or very serious criminal or administrative offence, including, among other conducts, those related to the prevention of money laundering or the financing of terrorism, accounting irregularities or conducts that violate the Code of Ethics or current legislation. 

The principles and guarantees established in the Colonial Group’s Whistleblowing Channel Policy shall apply to the communications received through the Whistleblowing Channel, guaranteeing the security of the communications, as well as their confidentiality. 

Communications received through the Whistleblowing Channel will be answered within the established deadlines and will be treated impartially and objectively, and any type of retaliation for any communication made in good faith is prohibited. In addition to the above, the Whistleblowing Channel allows for anonymous communications. For further details on the communications management procedure, as well as the Privacy Policy, the different documents are available for consultation within the link to the Whistleblowing Channel. 

For communications in relation with Colonial and Utopicus:

For communications in relation with Société Foncière Lyonnaise (SFL):

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