5 cyber security tips for your company

A new wave of cyber-attacks using the same pattern as the ‘WannaCry’ virus has once again affected thousands of companies and institutions around the world. If you are concerned about cyber security in your company, take note of these simple tips. Preventing a cyber-attack starts with simple actions that you can implement in your office.


Control who accesses your office

Knowing who has access to your company and the IT systems is the first step to consider if you want to avoid a cyber-attack. Identification of employees and people from outside the company or surveillance cameras allows you to know at any moment who has direct access to the workforce.


More secure passwords

If the password does not correspond to a single word and contains more than 10 characters including numbers and signs, it will be more difficult to hack. Another measure to ensure security is not to write down the passwords in writing as they are reachable by everyone.


Raise awareness with your employees

Many cyber-attacks start with a scam via 'phising'. Informing and training employees should be one of the company’s priorities since they are also responsible for the security protocol of a company.



Back-up all data

If we want to avoid a Ramsomware-type attack, a virus that seizes data and asks for a monetary ransom to free the system, creating backups is critical. It is advisable to create two copies: one stored on the cloud and another stored on a physical device.


Create a response strategy

It is difficult to guarantee 100% security of the computer equipment; however, contingency plans can be created that establish protocols for action against possible attacks. These plans will allow for rapid response after a cyber-attack and prevent further damage.


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