Office climate control during the summer

Office climate control during the summer is always a matter of dispute in the offices. The differences between those who are hot and those who are cold can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and an extra cost for the company.

Climate control in offices is an important issue since it is one of the factors that most affects the employees’ way of working and, more importantly, the health of the office users is affected by incorrect climate control in the office.

Here are some guidelines for optimal climate control in the workspace during the summer:

Tips for optimal office climate control in the summer

Before installing an air conditioning system in the office it is advisable to carry out a preliminary study of the area where it will be installed as well as the heat sources. It is also necessary to constantly check and clean the air conditioning systems.

Install the air conditioning units away from sources of heat and natural light that may affect its correct functioning.

Maintain a constant temperature of between 24ºc and 26ºc and air humidity of between 30% and 70%. Likewise, it is advisable to avoid continuously turning on and off the air conditioning equipment in the office.

Turn off the air conditioning systems when the area is empty and reduce it in areas that are rarely used, such as meeting rooms.

It is advisable to set the office’s air conditioning systems so that they start working hours before the working day begins.

Lastly, it is very important that the air conditioning does not directly affect the neck or back of office users as this could lead to health problems for employees.

Colonial has a firm commitment to sustainability and energy saving in its buildings. That is why our goal for 2020 is to ensure that all the office buildings in our portfolio hold the LEED or BREEAM sustainability certificates. The Discovery Building was the latest property to obtain the LEED Platinum certificate, thus becoming the first new office building within the M-30 area to obtain this sustainability certificate.

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