We live in a world in constant change, full of opportunities and challenges that can arise at any moment. An uncertain techno-economic landscape, in which one quality has become key: adaptability, the ability to reconfigure oneself to grow and successfully overcome different circumstances.

And it's not just about the macro context. The business sector also faces new challenges, among which stand out the evolution in the way of working, or the difficulty in retaining talent and establishing a corporate culture. This has led companies to seek flexible and personalized formulas that adapt to their business model, allow them to make decisions quickly, and enable them to reformulate their workspace and make it attractive to their teams.

This is where the joint proposal of Colonial and Utopicus becomes even more meaningful, with a wide portfolio of solutions that complement each other and cover 100% of the needs for workspaces in a flexible, efficient, safe, and sustainable manner.


What does Colonial offer? 

Colonial is the benchmark real estate company and one of the main office operators in prime areas of the Spanish and European markets. The quality of the assets, along with the company's solidity, guarantees efficient management of workspaces, which promotes user well-being and environmental care. Two fundamental factors for attracting and retaining talent in the 21st century.

In this sense, Colonial's properties are European benchmarks in sustainability, being conceptualized, built, and managed from start to finish with the aim of minimizing their impact on the surrounding environment. This is possible thanks to a firm and consolidated strategy, and the use of cutting-edge technologies that allow for wiser and more responsible decisions for the planet.

The strategic location of the portfolio also stands out. Representative buildings in the best areas of Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris connect the company with the city, facilitate employee reconciliation, and enhance the brand message and values that each company wants to convey.

In short, a prime product designed to enhance team well-being and maximize business opportunities.


How does Utopicus complement Colonial's offering? 

Utopicus contributes that much-demanded flexibility. With a wide range of services that spans from the possibility of having an individual workstation to an entire floor, or complementing offices with meeting or event rooms. This allows organizations to grow, group together, change location, combine rates, and, ultimately, transform to respond to the needs of each moment. Because the more plasticity a company has, the better it can compete in the market.

Moreover, Utopicus spaces are located, for the most part, in Colonial buildings or strategic city center locations. This not only guarantees the highest standards of quality and access to the latest technology but also allows enjoying that layer of services to all tenants of the building.


The quality and solidity that characterize Colonial, together with the flexibility and services provided by Utopicus, are consolidated into a comprehensive joint offering that provides endless possibilities. Companies that complement their office at Colonial with meeting rooms and event spaces at Utopicus; companies based at Colonial that relocate teams to Utopicus; small and medium-sized enterprises that are growing and seeking larger spaces; or large organizations that need services.

All of them enjoy the same benefits: prime locations with excellent connectivity, flexibility, and services, and the highest standards of quality, in an environment that promotes team well-being and business growth.

Be who you want to be, we're with you.


Colonial & Utopicus: Together works (


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