New skills for the work of the future


New skills for the work of the future

The automation and machinery on their way to the work place are inevitable. Many jobs there are today will cease to exist in a few years and, as stated by the science writer Silvia Leal in a talk we held during the presentation of The Window Building, “creating harmony between what’s traditional and what’s new” will be essential.

With this in mind, how can people adapt to this new work scene? What do we need to adapt to the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’?

  1. Problem-solving. Having the skill to find creative solutions for problems that may arise in relations between machines and humans.
  2. Creativity. Having the capacity to build something new using original ideas.
  3. People management. If there is something that machines cannot do it is managing and leading organisations. This is where people must take the lead.
  4. Decision-making. Another of the aspects that machines are unable to manage. They generate the data but in the end it is people who make the decisions.
  5. Service. Offering value to customers is very important. Providing services and assistance is another of the aptitudes a good employee needs to have in the 4th revolution.
  6. Negotiation. Negotiating with companies and individuals helps to yield a much sought-after win-win situation, which is a byword for success.
  7. Emotional intelligence. In the future, empathy and curiosity will be attributes that are highly valued when hiring.

The work environment is also another factor. A space adapted to new employment needs in which innovation, technology and nature are combined, as is the case of The Window Building, will make it possible to build a perfect work ecosystem.

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