Barcelona Smart City


Barcelona Smart City

A study carried out by Philips Lighting and SmartCitiesWorld places Barcelona as one of the three best Smart Cities in the world together with London and Singapore. In just a few years, the city has become an international benchmark in new technologies and proof of this is that two of the most important fairs on technology worldwide are held in the capital: Mobile World Congress and Smart City Expo World Congress.

Controlled parking spaces, street lighting with sensors, smart waste collection or electric bicycles are some of the smart solutions implemented in Barcelona. Many cities in the world are inspired by Barcelona’s Smat City model: Berlin will use technology solutions similar to those of Barcelona’s 22@ district to boost sustainability, efficiency and its residents well-being.

22@ district in Barcelona is an area of economic, urban and social innovation. It is a territory where the most innovative firms and research and training centres coexist. Companies settled there hold a commitment with sustainability, and promote and support new and creative projects that foster the use of Information and Communications Technologies.

Ciutat de Granada, 150: a smart building in 22@

Ciutat de Granada is an office building located in the technological hub 22@, next to the Plaza de las Glòries and adjacent to Avenida Diagonal. This building has 17 open floors of 1,800 sq m and a total of 24,500 sq m. The building, designed by the architecture firm Battle i Roig, has been conceived to become the first office building in Barcelona to obtain the LEED Platinum sustainability certification.

Currently, the availability rate of Ciutat de Granada is 16%. The multinational King and the Schibsted group, owner of Infojobs, are some of the ICT companies that have chosen this property to establish their headquarters in Spain.

Following the steps of The Window Building, Ciutat de Granada will have a coworking office space managed by Utopicus. This shared working space proposes a trip through nature. Far from the concept of cold and grey technology, coworking design is characterized by the use of warm materials and thick vegetation.

Colonial’s Smart Building System

The management of the office building Ciutat de Granada 150, located in 22@ district, will be carried out by using Smart Building System software. This technology, fully developed by Colonial Group, has been awarded in the Netexplo Change Awards, that recognize the most innovative projects in Spain’s digital domain.

Smart Building System is an application that adapts to any electronic device and allows to manage and monitor in a fast and effective way different features of a building such as lighting, energy consumption or heating. In short, it enhances the feeling of comfort of the building users.

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