What is Co-working?

Co-working is a space where people who carry out various work activities, and do not need an actual office, meet to work individually in a shared working environment.

The appeal of co-working lies in the rental price. Their low costs usually make them a great option for freelancers and entrepreneurs who need a productive working environment.

Co-working also facilitates work networking. By sharing the same workspace with professionals from different sectors, it is very easy to enter into employment relationships that enable new business opportunities as well as expanding our knowledge network.

These new workspaces are redefining traditional habits and customs when it comes to working and bringing the links between leisure and work responsibility closer together.

WeWork arrives in Spain

WeWork, the company dedicated to creating co-working spaces, has commenced its business activities in Spain. The American company has chosen Madrid as the location for its head office and will be located in the Castellana 43 building, owned by Inmobiliaria Colonial.

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