The TGA Prime building revamps its virtual tour


The TGA Prime building revamps its virtual tour

One of Colonial’s most emblematic office buildings, TGA, has revamped the virtual tour with which you can interactively visit the building. This building has many features that are revealed in this photographic tour, a new way to access the offices and visit the interior of the buildings in a realistic and interactive manner.

TGA is located between roads Travessera de Gracia and Amigó, a few metres from plaza de Francesc Macià and Avenida Diagonal, one of Barcelona’s business hubs that has high commercial activity.

The crystal geode facade is one of TGA’s qualities as it provides good light to the offices that is complemented by an intelligent lighting function that is regulated by natural light.

The new virtual tour of TGA also shows some features of the building that make it a Marketing Suit, which was recently moved to the first floor, and the green roofs planted on the top of the building which contributes to reducing the environmental impact.

In its efforts to offer the best it possibly can to its clients, Colonial integrates services such as these virtual tours in order to convey the transparency with which the Company works. Virtual tours are expected to be phased in gradually in all of the company’s buildings. 


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