Tenant engagement, what is that?


Tenant engagement, what is that?

The Tenant Engagement is the commitment from the owner of the building to guarantee the well-being of all the users which occupy the office building.

Traditionally, owners and users of the office buildings have communicated occasionally and through third parts, and this communication answered to causes related to the use and maintenance of the property. Currently, thanks to the digitalization of the real state sector and the breakthroughs in PropTech, the situation is very different.

Tenant Engagement main goal is to increase the level of wellness of all those users in an office building: the owner involves in the technical needs that the tenants demand in order to improve their satisfaction with the facilities.

An example of Tenant Engagement policies to improve the well-being of the office building users is the development of mobile apps from which users can inform about the building incidences, reserve meeting rooms, adjust workspace temperature and even get to know other tenants in the same building to establish personal relations and work synergies.

Inmobiliaria Colonial, loyal to its innovation, reliability and excellence principles regarding the Premium offices market carries through a great number of activities in its Tenant Engagement strategy. These are:

Smart Building System:

The Smart Building System is a software entirely developed by Colonial to offer a greater well-being in all the office buildings included in the company’s portfolio. This application, adapted to any electronic device, allows to speed up the management of all the buildings. The Smart Building System displays a strict control of the facilities day-to-day thanks to an incidence notification system. Likewise, this software controls an innovative filter system that ensures the purity of the air and the illumination of all the work areas in the office buildings.

Facility Management:

In order to create nice and comfortable workspaces, Colonial has a Facility Manager in all its buildings. This professional takes care of the proper operation of the building infrastructures and services.

Citibox Smart mailboxes

With the rise of e-commerce, Colonial has settled in 13 of its office buildings the smart mailboxes service by Citibox. This way, those users that make their purchases online will receive their packages in one of these mailboxes. This PropTech service substantially improves the well-being of Colonial’s office building tenants and makes easier their daily life.

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