Rent an office on la Diagonal, the avenue of Barcelona


Rent an office on la Diagonal, the avenue of Barcelona

Renting an office on Diagonal Avenue is one of the most sought-after goals for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in the centre of Barcelona. It is the city’s widest and longest street, and therefore one of the city’s nerve centres where a large number of business headquarters are located.

Aware that part of a business’ success depends on having a good location, Colonial has several office buildings to let that are located on this long avenue.

The office building to let at Diagonal 530, between calle Aribau and calle Tuset, has 9 exterior and open floors designed for letting elegant offices in modules with their own air conditioning systems.

At Diagonal 609-615, is “el Dau”, a building that stands out for the design of its exterior and for being located in one of the most lively and cosmopolitan areas of the city; also, it is a sustainable building with a B energy rating.

“El Prisma”, is another office building adjacent to the “Dau”, and is located between Diagonal no. 611 and 613, in a commercial area close to the airport and the train station. This building also has a B energy rating.

The rental office building, Diagonal 682, underwent a complete refurbishment that converted it into a building designed for office rental, offering absolute functionality thanks to the installation of the latest technological advances.

Avenida Diagonal is one of the most important business centres in Barcelona with a high number of transactions and office rentals. It also has an avant-garde design that brings a breath of fresh air to the city and increases the interest of companies and commercial for establishing their businesses on this street.

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