Rent an office on the Castellana, the business centre of Madrid


Rent an office on the Castellana, the business centre of Madrid

Renting an office on the Castellana is one of the objectives that any company wanting to develop a powerful business in Madrid aims to achieve. Measuring 6.3 kilometres, it houses the most important office area in the Spanish capital. We have to add to that the perfect links it has with the rest of the city thanks to public transport and its proximity to the city’s main train stations.

Aware of the importance of achieving a good location for the offices, Colonial has office buildings for rent on Paseo de la Castellana.

Castellana 52 is a building with spacious and open areas that can be modulated and adapted to the needs of each client. Castellana 52 stands out for its large vertical windows, topped with semi-circular arches that give it an art deco look. You can rent offices from 407 to 928 m2.

Castellana 43 is a refurbished office building that has been certified with the LEED GOLD certification, verifying that it is an energetically efficient building. With its own parking and electric car charging system, Castellana 43 is the ideal office building if you are looking for easy access, energy saving and good transport links.

Castellana 163 is another building with offices for rent. Situated in the CBD of Madrid, its large dimensions spread over 12 floors, allow the building to offer façade and entrance on two streets: Castellana and Capitán Haya. With open plan offices and commercial premises on the ground floor, Castellana 163 can boast of being located in one of the main accesses to the city

Discovery Building, located on the north axis of the Castellana is Colonial’s first Prime Factory building.  Open plan, commercial premises, more than 100 parking spaces available, plus a rooftop garden terrace make the Discovery Building the perfect office building for those who want to make a difference with their rental office.

The Castellana is one of the most important business centres in Spain; the size of the street, the transport links and the large number of rental offices that it houses, makes this street one of the best places in Spain to establish a business.

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