Rent on Avenida Diagonal, the heart of Barcelona

Renting an office on Avenida Diagonal is one of the goals of any entrepreneur who looks to develop their business in Barcelona. The longest street in Barcelona, this Avenue has all the necessary traits to be the meeting point of most of the companies’ offices in the city.

And the fact that Avenida Diagonal is one of the most important business centres in Barcelona, in addition to the breadth of the street, its accessibility and the large number of rental offices that it houses, makes it one of the best places in Barcelona to establish a business.

Aware that location is a fundamental part of a company's success, Colonial has several office buildings for rent located on Avenida Diagonal in its portfolio.

Diagonal 409

The Diagonal 409 office building is one the group’s properties that has been awarded with the LEED Gold certificate, which attests the sustainability commitment in the construction and development of the building.

Renting an office in this building is ideal for companies looking to combine modern with classic.

Diagonal 532

Another building in which you can find you ideal office is situated at Diagonal 532. With 9 exterior floors, it is designed for renting offices by modules that have their own air conditioning systems.

This building has been awarded the Breeam certificate, which also accredits its commitment to sustainability.

Diagonal 682

Number 682 on Avenida Diagonal is a building that has been completely renovated and adapted to present needs. With an open structure, its distribution to the exterior makes it an especially luminous building. This building also offers car parking, two commercial premises on the ground floor and can be accessed from the street.

Diagonal 609

“El Dau” is one of our most spacious buildings. Situated at Diagonal 609-615, this building stands out for its design and location, in one of the city’s most idle areas.

With 9 completely exterior floors, a security service and own parking, "The Dau" is the perfect place to rent offices in a building of reference in the area.

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