Puerto de Somport 8: An Opportunity to Benefit from the Las Tablas Business Environment

Over the last few years, interior decoration has been dominated by minimalism. This includes the interior decoration of business offices. This minimalism is especially evident in large spaces, very airy environments that engender a sense of comfort and freedom in employees and executives. Floor Space Does Matter. And there are 9,280 square meters of it in our Puerto de Somport 8 office building in the Las Tablas business district. The open plan with its large translucent windows gives more of a sense of connection with the outdoors. A sense of modernity.

Elegant Design

Puerto de Somport 8 was designed by the Ortiz y León architectural studio with a very elegant touch. Its huge windows covering all of the façades reflect a dual approach to the building's design: to integrate it into its environment where it embraces the outdoors with its open and transparent presence. This openness and transparency faithfully reflects the values of modern business culture. The business culture that companies strive for and employees and citizens long for. Moreover, the building is highly representative of a corporate headquarters.

Versatile Spaces

Colonial maintains many very clear strategies, and one of the most important is multi-functionality. Hence our commitment to office buildings designed to blend into the surrounding area. Of which Somport 8 is a good example. The complex includes very diverse spaces that include the offices themselves, the showrooms, the meeting areas, and even a series of additional spaces that each company may use in the most appropriate way. This versatility defines the spirit of modern enterprise very well: adaptability.

Practical Location

The Las Tablas district's characteristics make it very appealing to businesses. The professional atmosphere, the business network, the wide choice of restaurants and recreational spaces, the availability of housing that allows employees to live near their workplace, and of course the excellent access to other key areas of the city. In particular, Puerto de Somport 8 has direct access to the A1 motorway, a link to the M30 and M40 beltways, and a quick connection to the Paseo de la Castellana and the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. 9,280 square meters of premium office space connected to the world.

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