Office trends for 2018


Office trends for 2018

The change of mentality in the way of working has influenced the way of designing and organising offices. Concepts such as well-being and flexibility are priority, and companies must take care of their employees if they want to attract and retain talent. 

Understanding this new system of working not only implies a new way of understanding the physical space in the offices, but also a much deeper change according to the needs of employees and society today.

If until recently the main objective of new offices was to end the hierarchical distribution and enhance the horizontal approach through areas for teamwork, now the protagonist is mobility.

Based on this concept, the new office design and trends that we will see during 2018 are the following:

Smart Offices

Technology is redefining the traditional office concept to make way for Smart Offices. The intensity of the light, the height of the curtains, and the temperature of the office can be regulated through one single device. Additionally, collecting data regarding the building through technology will enable the spaces to be modified according to the needs of the employees.

Collaborative and flexible spaces

Flexible spaces within the office, without divisions between departments, encourage communication among employees, collaboration and networking. These zones enable the office to be adapted to any need.

With modular furniture and mobile panels, it is possible to create different rooms for meetings or brainstorming. All this without forgetting spaces for privacy, where it is possible to make a call or perform a job that requires concentration.

Resting rooms

Spaces for having a break and creativity, resting rooms, are becoming more habitual. These are dynamic and interactive spaces with lots of colour, that awaken creativity and foster relationships between employees while promoting teamwork. These non-work areas can contain board games, video games, televisions and comfortable furniture.

Biophilia and biophilic design

It is an ecological trend applied to work spaces that has been shown to positively influence the productivity of employees. This new philosophy incorporates nature into the office using textures, patterns and shapes that emulate it. The presence of plants and natural light has been shown to reduce levels of work stress and improve concentration at work.

Environmental and home-style design

This trend, which derives from the increasing incorporation of Millennials into the working world, recovers the artisan feel and opts for ecological and sustainable materials such as unrefined wood. Games rooms, chimneys and foodtrucks are also incorporated in the work place. All this so that the offices are perceived as more comfortable and homely where comfort is a priority.

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