Office decoration in 2018

The latest trends in office decoration for 2018 seek to create inspiring workspaces for employees and encourage innovation and creativity. The design of the office must respond to the values and philosophy of the company and is one of the factors that most influences the attraction of talent and employees’ desire to continue working for the company.

Office decoration for 2018 will be built on concepts such as the well-being and flexibility of employees, mobility in the workplace and biophilia. Here are some of the trends in office decoration for 2018:


Office design salvages the artisan and opts for an environmental and homely design. The use of natural materials responds to the commitment to the environment. Bamboo will take centre stage and we will see pieces of furniture that are completely natural, robust and handled as little as possible.

The use of glass as a substitute for architectural screen barriers will continue to increase to convey a sense of spaciousness and transparency.


Biophilic designs will be one of the office design trends for 2018. This philosophy brings nature into workspaces. Therefore, it will offer warm and natural colours that evoke nature, the use of textures and plant patterns in office decoration and an increased presence of green spaces such as vertical gardens.

Ergonomic, versatile and connected furniture

To improve the flexibility of spaces, furniture that can be used for different uses and tasks will be installed in offices. Ergonomic chairs that adapt to each worker, thanks to 3D printing, and avoid health problems, such as back pain, will take centre stage. The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) to furniture will also be opted for in the design of offices.

Art in offices

More and more companies are incorporating art into their offices, not only as an additional element of decoration, but also because adding works of art to the workplace can lead to improved employee well-being and positively influence creativity and productivity.

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