The new trends in offices for 2017


The new trends in offices for 2017

The interior design of offices is no longer a question of design or following design trends. Reflecting the company’s corporate values, adapting the offices’ qualities in search of greater employee efficiency, and technological transformations are some of the factors that will determine the design of offices next year.

According to the Ofiprix magazine, work space adapts to a new professional reality with multi-functional spaces designed for breaks or meetings and which adapt to the needs of any moment. More specifically, in recent years fixed places have been replaced by preferred offices that can be changed depending on the project or team.

Office space has had to adapt to include technology as a means of work; especially within property, where furniture is designed to fit perfectly with technological material. One example is tables with spaces for cables and built-in plugs. At Colonial, technology goes even further to include virtual visits to some of the offices; Miguel Ángel 11 and Travessera de Gracia offer virtual tours to make life easier for future tenants before they even enter the offices.

Efficiency of energy resources is one of the most in demand values of potential tenants, so much so that interior space is arranged to benefit the most from natural resources such as light. Nature has also become part of the offices, including plants in vertical spaces, also known as “moss walls”, which promise to be one of the decorative preferences in offices for 2017; Vía Augusta 21 and Castellana 52 have already incorporated this into their walls.

Finally, coexistence between materials of different types is expected to emerge in decoration. According to the real estate magazine, wood, iron and ceramics will form part of the design and furnishings of the most cutting-edge offices. Additionally, Nordic colours win with advantage; blues, mustards and anthracite gray will be the chromatically preferred colours to decorate the office buildings’ rooms.

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