The Miguel Ángel 11 office building now offers a virtual tour


The Miguel Ángel 11 office building now offers a virtual tour

Just a few metres from the Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid’s business hub, stands the Miguel Ángel 11 office building, which is owned by Colonial.

This office building has unique exterior aesthetics, with a double glass façade that leaves everyone in awe, but it also has an interior that is not far behind. Here at Colonial, we invite you to visit the building virtually, as Miguel Angel 11 has been added to Colonial’s list of buildings with a virtual tour!

This is a unique way to visit your future offices, because you will love them and it is easy to imagine the future of any company. The Miguel Ángel 11 virtual tour is technologically innovative in line with Colonial’s commitment to progress and the desire to offer both its customers and potential customers, the best of its buildings.

Before, during and after the marketing process, Colonial turns to satisfying its tenants. Miguel Angel, 11, is proof of this, consisting of a central hub with 3 lifts in a leasable area of 800m2. The Miguel Ángel office building has a modern aesthetic and stylish and elegant combined interior finishes in black and white.

What are you waiting for? The virtual tour starts by clicking here.

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