Key points to decorating your office


Key points to decorating your office

Over the years, offices have been adapting to trends in decoration and also to current trends that advise you on how to organise or adapt workspaces to gain functionality or productivity.

The importance of having an updated and aesthetically pleasing office not only addresses a design issue but also the professional needs that arise in each type of office to promote the performance and comfort of its workers.

Space is one of the points that varies according to office trends. In 2016 trends have highlighted open spaces as they foster team work and increase productivity. Separate offices with large windows provide sufficient privacy while gaining a sense of spaciousness, if you add a good view and a successful location, the office will be unchanged to trends.

The Alfonso XII offices in Madrid have open spaces and spectacular views of the Retiro Park.

Colours, a factor that is not usually given more importance than aesthetics, are a very important element to take into account in an office. The colours have to be chosen carefully as each shade transmits different sensations and emotions, such as dynamism, tranquillity and creativity. Colours can even be used to divide spaces and separate environments.

One of the main requirements of a current office is to offer comfort; this begins by having a chair and table in agreement with each other for maximum comfort and if possible, with an ergonomic design.

The leisure spaces and the inclusion of elements of nature bring dynamism in all types of offices and awaken the feeling of happiness.

And finally, decorate your office! Personalising each office or work station for yourself helps to identify with the company and increase corporatism. Putting something of your own increases the sense of belonging to a team and being a part of the company.

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