How to make your office a 'mindfulness' space


How to make your office a 'mindfulness' space

It is estimated that approximately one person spends a third of his lifetime working. This means that we employed half of our awaken time at the office.

Knowing this data, it is important to make the office a space where welfare is a priority. This can be achieved by making your office a 'mindful' space.

'Mindfulness' means full attention or full awareness, and it is a practice that has a close link with meditation, helping you to manage correctly your thoughts and emotions.

The composition of your office space has a determining influence on your mood and the way you manage your work, therefore, a space designed on the basis of 'mindfulness' will help bring out the best of your employees. Here are some tips to apply this concept to your office:

  • Define a creative space: having a space where the worker can develop ideas in a relaxed manner will help good projects arise.
  • The right perfume: the smell of the office can be decisive to make workers feel comfortable and relaxed. Finding an odor able to transport you mentally to a place you like will positively influence your performance.
  • A good pick of colors: if you want the office to transmit calmness, leave aside the vibrant and energetic colors and bet for rather warm tones. Materials such as wood will also transmit a feeling of peacefulness.
  • Comfort: the office is probably the place where a person spends much of their time throughout the day and thus creating a comfortable space is essential. Practical furniture and subtle decoration are essentials to achieve this objective.

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