How to make your office a healthy space

Wellness strategies to promote healthy habits in the office are becoming one of the main aims of companies when it comes to capturing and retaining internal talent.

Just like the LEED and BREEAM certificates that certify the sustainability of a building, the WELL certificates prove whether an office is healthy or whether a workspace cares for the well-being of the people who occupy it and puts the health of those who frequent the property first.

Designing the workspace and setting up your office following the criteria necessary to obtain the Well certification results in a 20% increase in employee productivity. Here are some ideas to achieve well-being in work spaces and make your office a healthy space:


A good lighting system must be used throughout the office. The work areas should be closer to sources of natural light; on the other hand, the passageways must be far from the outside and use artificial light. The use of light colours for decoration facilitates the reflection of light and generates more pleasant and productive spaces.

Natural ventilation

Office environments easily enter into a cycle with stale air; this air is capable of reducing our intellectual and productive capacity. It is necessary that the work space is continuously ventilated to improve performance and have a healthy office. The room temperature is important. An optimal temperature is considered to be between 20 and 24 degrees.

The use of plants

The use of vegetation in offices such as the Moss Walls and biophilia (the transfer of nature to work spaces) has been shown to improve the concentration and creativity of employees and reduce work stress. Likewise, green spaces provide a more oxygen-rich atmosphere and a reduction in artificial ventilation, reducing the energy costs of the building. Also, the aromatherapy of plants or natural oils improves the mood of the employees.

Encourage physical activity and sport

Promoting 10-minute breaks and leaving the office to walk for 5 to 10 minutes, 3 times a day, will make your office a healthier space. There are companies that have their own gyms and encourage the use of stairs over the lifts. They have also replaced vending machines for fruit and healthy lunches.

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