Estudio Lamela will design Colonial’s Méndez Álvaro project


Estudio Lamela will design Colonial’s Méndez Álvaro project

Inmobiliaria Colonial has commissioned the architectural studio Estudio Lamela to design its new project in Méndez Álvaro, which is included within the Alpha III plan. The Alpha III plan, which was announced in January this year, will initially consist of two office buildings and another residential building.

This is not the first time that Estudio Lamela has worked with Colonial; previously, the studio was in charge of designing the Discovery Building. A Prime Factory office building located in one of the most important business areas of Madrid: Paseo de la Castellana.

The Discovery Building was designed to obtain the LEED Gold NC sustainability certification. This prestigious certification is the greatest guarantee that can be obtained for the criteria used in the construction of the building and its consumption of natural resources and energy.

Colonial’s Méndez Álvaro Project

The Méndez Álvaro project, included within Colonial’s Alpha III plan that has involved an investment of €480 million, consists of two land areas: Méndez Álvaro with 90,000 square metres of land in the south of Madrid’s central business district (CBD), and Méndez Álvaro 2, which will have an area of 20,000 square metres above ground. The architectural studio Estudio Lamela will be responsible for designing the 110,000 square metres of offices.

The Alpha III plan, which includes the Méndez Álvaro project, also outlines the purchase of two office buildings. The Egeo building, which is located at número 1 de Campo de las Naciones and has an area of 18,254 metres squared, and the Arturo Soria building, which currently has an occupancy rate of 98% and offers an area of 8,663 metres squared.

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