Do you want to be happier in the office? Order it with the Marie Kondo method


Do you want to be happier in the office? Order it with the Marie Kondo method

A few weeks ago, we learned that a happy office was an open space in which the wellbeing of employees was promoted to boost their creativity and productivity. Now we also know that a happy office is a tidy office. Marie Kondo, author of the book «The Magic Of Tidying Up», has become an authentic guru in the organization of spaces. According to the method that she has created, known as Konmari, a tidy space will make you feel more comfortable and safer. Therefore, an organized office will help to increase the productivity of people who use it daily.

Keys to follow the Marie Kondo method in the office

What are the guidelines of the Japanese expert Marie Kondo to tidy up our office? Her method is mainly based on three actions: to discard, to eliminate and to organize. She also suggests that before moving on to the second action, the first one must have been carried out completely.

So, the first thing to do to apply the Konmari method in the office is to empty all the cabinets, shelves and drawers at once in order to have an overview of everything that we have accumulated over time. From that jumble of objects, we must get rid of all those that we no longer need, either because we no longer use them, or because they are out-dated. Everything that we have not missed must be discarded. We will also have to throw away those objects that we keep in case one day we need them: let's face it, if we have not used them for a long time, it means that we will not need them anymore.

The next step in the Konmari method is to throw away everything we have discarded. It is important that we do so responsibly by depositing the objects in their corresponding recycling container. Deciding what to throw away can sometimes be very complicated. To help us choose, Marie Kondo suggests that we keep the objects that bring us happiness. That can also be applied to office workspaces.

Once we have made the selection, we need to start tidying up. About that, Marie Kondo is very specific:

  • It is essential to store everything in its proper place.
  • Keep it simple: it is important that at a glance you see everything you have.
  • Do not stack: if a set of objects does not fit in what you think it is its proper place, try vertical storage.
  • Start by tidying up the easier things, when you get to the difficult ones you will be trained and it will be easier for you to make decisions.
  • When you choose to apply the Marie Kondo method, organize all your stuff from beginning to end. If you try to dose the process, you will never end.

An organized office generates beauty, peace and creativity. Start tidying up your office with the Marie Kondo method: what are you waiting for?

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