Colonial’s Paris buildings


Colonial’s Paris buildings

Colonial is a real estate company with a desire for international expansion. The presence of the company in Spain accounts for the majority of its property portfolio; however Paris is Colonial’s showpiece in the international market. The French capital is one of the company’s main focuses for its expansion strategy, with 20 properties in the Parisian business area located in the centre.

During the recent real estate fair, Barcelona Meeting Point, Pere Viñolas, CEO of Colonial, affirmed that "Colonial would be dead if it did not look abroad". These statements highlight the smooth functioning of Colonial's positioning strategy for the European market over the last twelve years. In addition, Viñolas added that "the housing market is seen as a local market, when really it is global".

Accordingly, Colonial reaffirms consolidation of its foreign plan and satisfaction of its presence in Paris. Total assets in the French capital total more than 358,000m2 above ground surface with an average market value of €5,520 million.

The Paris buildings offer Colonial guarantee, with an excellent location, premium materials, attractive utilities and qualities, and above all, an active sustainability strategy. 14 of the 20 properties in Paris have already been recognised by Breeam as sustainable buildings.

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