Colonial reformed the building of Paseo de la Castellana 52


Colonial reformed the building of Paseo de la Castellana 52

Colonial has reformed one of its most emblematic buildings. The Castellana 52 offices in Madrid have been remodelled with the aim of adapting some of the building’s spaces to Colonial’s identifying qualities.

The remodelling of Castellana 52 starts by offering a new access to the building, with a new waiting area for customers. This main space offers greater representation of the building’s personality and more light thanks to a functional, elegant and modern design.

The first floor lobby is another zone that has been adapted to improve the tenants’ day. The hall has been extended, new doors made from the highest quality materials have been installed and, in line with the spirit of the reform, the toilets offer a modern and functional design.

The main area of the first floor has also been refurbished, with 928 m2 of open floor space to be used by the building’s next occupants. This space is presented as a perfect option for businesses looking to have some representation in the best prime location of the Paseo de la Castellana.

In addition, the first floor of the Castellana 52 has the Breeam certificate of sustainability, an air conditioning system and LED lighting that is adjustable according to the natural light entering the building. This floor is completely exterior, and therefore offers natural light during much of the day throughout the different seasons.

As well as this lighting, it is necessary to add that the ceilings, with a clearance height of 2.5 metres, add amplitude to the space. The finishes are of the highest quality, including technical flooring with an innovative design, an air conditioning system (4 tubes) with a new fancoil perimeters in the ceiling and metal carpentry from top to bottom.

The office building offers parking spaces in an unbeatable location and, there is the possibility of extending the car park of this building in the medium term. A wide range of services of the Paseo de la Castellana is added to the virtue of this building, among them is the new BiBo restaurant, which is owned by Chef Dani García and is located in the same building.


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