Colonial presents the ‘Discovery Building’ project


Colonial presents the ‘Discovery Building’ project

Today Colonial presented the “Discovery Building” project, an office building located on calle de Estébanez Calderón, 3-5, Madrid, a few metres from the Castellana. With a total investment of €43 million, which includes acquisition of the property and construction of the new building, the Discovery Building will become a unique building with a return above the market average.

During the launch event, Alberto Alcober, business director of Colonial, emphasised the uniqueness of this project of "new construction in the centre of the city’s business area, something very unusual that makes it a unique building, with better features and all the innovation in the area of ​​greatest demand in the city".

The old building, which was acquired in May, was pulled down and rebuilt in the same space without loss of buildability. This unique exclusivity in the capital city has become a competitive advantage, which together with the building’s best utilities and its excellent location in the best areas of Madrid, make the Discovery Building an unprecedented project in this market.

The design of the new office building is in the hands of the prestigious company Estudio Lamela, and has been designed to offer multiple occupancy possibilities in a space totalling 10,458 m2. The flexibility of its open floor plans allow specific adaptation to the needs of each company.

The exterior design of the facade is a set of architectural forms that highlight the shape of the building, and the night lighting helps to boost these lines, giving the Discovery Building undeniable visual appeal and making it visible from the Paseo de la Castellana.

Additionally, the Discovery Building will have the LEED Gold certificate; this prestigious sustainability certificate is the greatest guarantee that can be currently obtained in terms of building construction, i.e. the selection of materials, the construction processes, and the decisions made on the consumption of natural and energy resources.

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