Citibox mailboxes arrive at Colonial’s office buildings


Citibox mailboxes arrive at Colonial’s office buildings

The boom in internet shopping has favoured the emergence of companies such as Citibox that allow online orders and other services to be collected in offices. “Citibox was born to be able to receive orders without being at home. Our solution is to add technology to traditional mailboxes, transforming them into smart mailboxes that can receive packages”, explains David Bernabéu, CEO of Citibox.

Proptech companies, which facilitate the daily life of companies’ employees, emerge from the digitalisation of Real Estate. Embracing these alternatives within Wellness strategies not only improves the image of the company, but also retains internal talent, since these alternatives make it possible to combine work and personal life.

Following its strategy of offering the best services to the users of its office real estate portfolio, Colonial has just added this new smart mailbox service to the Avda. Diagonal, 530, Illacuna and Sant Cugat Nord buildings in Barcelona. Within the next 3 months, Colonial will expand the number of office buildings that enjoy this smart mailbox system to seven.

How does this smart mailbox service work?

The parcel service delivers the package to the user via the mailbox installed in the office. Once the deliverer arrives at the mailbox, they use a password to be able to place the object in the corresponding mailbox. Once the package is placed in the mailbox, the client receives a message on their mobile phone to confirm that it is now ready for collection.

In 2017, e-commerce grew by 25% and the volume of personal parcels received every day by companies’ employees collapses office receptions. Like numerous mobile applications, Citibox was created to facilitate the daily routine of companies and employees.

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