Casa Camper: A building with personality


Casa Camper: A building with personality

It is not only office buildings that are constructed. Barcelona, as a cosmopolitan city open to tourism, undoubtedly has nationally and internationally popular buildings, forming part of the city’s tourist attractions. Buildings such as La Pedrera and the Casa Batlló are architectural jewels of Barcelona; but there are also less-known buildings that do not have a striking exterior, and yet they enrich the city with their services.

This is the case for Casa Camper, the first hotel that hides behind the brand of shoes that has the same name, and has established itself as a boutique hotel that is in great demand thanks to its unique offering.

Casa Camper is located in the Raval district, the heart of Barcelona, and has 40 rooms with contemporary aesthetics in a XIX Century building that has been completely restored.

Colonial and Casa Camper share some of their premises as a company, due to their taste for elegance, simplicity and commitment to sustainability. This Boutique Hotel uses advanced water recycling systems that enable it to reduce consumption by 50%. The building also uses solar systems to generate energy and encourages the use of cleaner transportation systems.

Additionally, Casa Camper houses one of the most coveted restaurants. “Dos Palillos”, which has a Michelin star, offers Asian dishes under the command of Albert Raurich, the former boss of El Bulli. The exceptional cuisine unites with the possibility of holding an event in a unique place with an exceptional environment.

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