The Butterfly Reserve in Colonial’s Sant Cugat Nord building


The Butterfly Reserve in Colonial’s Sant Cugat Nord building

The Sant Cugat Nord building is an example of Colonial’s commitment to the environment and sustainability; this building forms part of the programme that falls within the “protection of nature in the nearest environment” objective.

The Sant Cugat Nord office complex houses a Butterfly Reserve with the aim of providing food and a sustainable habitat for the different species that inhabit this retreat. In particular, it house 41 species of native Mediterranean plants that attract and feed approximately 25 different types of butterflies, helping them to complete the vital cycle. The butterflies are excellent bioindicators of the environmental quality of the habitat in which they live, and therefore, their presence is fundamental in ensuring the biodiversity of the environment.

To favour this nature, different systems and elements have been installed in the landscaped area of Sant Cugat, creating a refuge for the native fauna and flora.

The Project is a collaboration between Colonial and the World Nature foundation, and forms part of the “WN fauna and flora refuges” that this NGO carries out in Catalonia and Spain, a project for the conservation of nature in urban areas in big and small cities that involve citizens as well as public administrations, institutions and private companies.

It is the first time in Spain that a private Company has hosted a project of this size for the conservation of this animal group: butterflies. Colonial reinforces its environmental commitment to the recovery of the natural environments of its offices and gardens.

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