The 22@: a blue ocean for startups

Known as the 22@, this area of Poblenou is the epicenter of innovation in Barcelona. According to the latest data released in the report "The Office Property Telescope" prepared by the consulting firm EY, since 2015 it has accumulated an investment in office building purchases worth 3,532 million euros. The study also shows how this place is a great attraction of Barcelona, taking 86% of the city’s capital.

The 22@ emerged 20 years ago as an ambitious urban renewal project with the objective of transforming more than 200 hectares of industrial land in Poblenou into one of the most innovative districts in the city. Creativity, design, and technology are the driving force that has allowed the replacement of the old factories.

The ‘place to be’ of places to live

A neighborhood intended to be lived in, the 22@ includes residential areas, green areas, universities, and essential services that have contributed to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of this neighborhood.

In fact, walking through the 22@ it is possible to find modernist buildings such as the Disseny Hub, the city's iconic design museum, El Clot - Josep Benet library, or the Museu Can Framis, the Vila Casas Foundation's latest project dedicated to dissemination of contemporary Catalan painting. In addition, there are spaces that have been rehabilitated, such as Palo Alto Market, an old factory converted into studios and workshops for creators, designers, and artists.

Added to all this is its proximity to Bogatell Beach and Mar Bella Beach. Another emblematic element is the Rambla del Poblenou, a street that is 1 km long and has several restaurants, bars, cafes and small shops and businesses.

Why do startups choose the 22@?

The economic transformation of the neighborhood has resulted in a significant increase in the number of installed companies. This prime area, which brings together companies and attracts talent, contributes to generating professional interactions and always creating new business opportunities.

In fact, Barcelona has been classified as the third preferred city to create a startup, with only Berlin and London ahead, according to the 'Startup Heatmap Europe' Ranking. Without a doubt, it is a highly attractive city as a headquarters for young, creative, and energetic startups, and its rise, validated by the European entrepreneurial ecosystem, rewards urbanism and the local dynamism of the entire innovation and technology environment.

In short, choosing the 22@ as the headquarters for companies means betting on a district that already looks to a future marked by innovation, sustainability, and inclusion.


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