Tips on withstanding the heat in the office


Tips on withstanding the heat in the office

Soon summer will arrive, and with it the high temperatures, something that is suffered by many, particularly in offices.

According to the Spanish National Institute for Health and Safety in the Workplace (INSHT) the optimum temperature in an office during the summer months is between 23°C and 26°C. Temperatures above or below these recommendations could cause heat stress to employees.

In order to achieve the recommended temperatures and improve energy efficiency, here are some tips on how to avoid excessive temperatures in the office:

  • Shut off the heat input. Open windows are a hot spot, covering them with blinds or curtains will reduce the temperature.
  • Make the air circulate. Buy a fan (which consumes a lot less energy than air conditioning) or facilitate an air current which will cool the room.
  • Good insulation is fundamental in escaping from the heat.
  • Ventilate the office at times when the temperature outside is cooler than inside; for example, first thing in the morning.
  • Turn off the lights if they are not being used. Light bulbs generate heat; therefore it is recommended that they are used sparingly, if possible. Or resort to low-energy light bulbs.
  • Painting the walls in a light colour helps to keep the heat from concentrating.

If in spite of everything it is impossible to achieve the appropriate temperatures in your office, and there is no alternative but to install air conditioning, it is vital that the unit has high energy efficiency and that it is appropriate for the size of the room. It is also recommended that the air conditioning unit is checked once a year to check that it is working correctly.

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