The New Expert Profiles in Sustainability

The New Expert Profiles in Sustainability

From the current global situation, we have learned the importance of promoting sustainability at all levels. The new green economy is initiating changes in the work structure of companies and is requiring more innovative professionals to help companies implement sustainability in their business strategies. The International Labor Organization (ILO) predicts that the adoption of circular and sustainable policies in the economy could create 24 million jobs worldwide by 2030, but what types of professionals are currently in demand today?

In this week's post, we will show you some of the profiles of professionals in high demand:

The Waste Manager

The production of waste has increased considerably, which has created the need to manage this issue so that it has the least possible effect on both the environment and the company itself.

A waste manager is in charge of giving waste a new use, creating new projects and solutions to find ways to treat this material in order to avoid pollution.

Environmental Engineers

This profile uses the principles of engineering, biology and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems, often created by the companies themselves. Their work may focus on issues such as waste disposal, erosion, and water and air pollution. To do this, they conduct hazardous waste management studies in which they assess the significance of the threat to the environment and advise on how to treat and contain it.

The Renewable or Alternative Energy Specialist

Until now, energy production has been based on the processing of non-renewable resources, which has led to the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and an increase in the concentration of pollutants generated in the process.

This professional is a specialist in alternative energy resources and in all types of renewable energies aimed at replacing fuel sources that are harmful to the environment. They are in charge of developing and perfecting new technologies that help to take advantage of all natural and renewable resources.  

The Eco-Designer

The transition to a circular economy requires new capabilities and specialized resources to contribute to pollution prevention and control, both in the planning and design phase of projects and in the production and control of waste.

This has generated the need for technical advisors specialized in different areas applied to environmental management, such as the eco-designer. This professional is in charge of taking preventive measures to reduce the environmental impact in different phases of the life of a product or service until its end. This way, the environmental factor becomes a requirement of the product, like other factors such as cost, quality or product safety.

As you can see, more and more companies are incorporating these professionals into their workforces in order to implement sustainability strategies and plans. However, there is no doubt that as technology advances, new profiles will emerge to provide an outlet for all measures aimed at environmental improvement in companies and society in general. From Colonial, we will keep you up to date with all of the news.

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