New Breeam certificates


In the last few months Colonial has gained further recognition for its good work in the area of sustainability.

The six buildings that make up the Sant Cugat Nord complex along with Dau-Prisma complex in Diagonal 609-615, Ausiás Marc, 148-150, Diagonal 532 and Castellana 52 have received new Breeam certifications. This once again shows Colonial's commitment to incorporating the benefits of sustainable construction into all of its office buildings.

With the Sant Cugat offices being rated by Breeam as "Very good" and those of Diagonal 532, Diagonal 609-615, Ausiás Marc 148-150 and Castellana 52 as "Good", these new certifications are another step on Colonial's path to the constant improvement of its assets so that it can increasingly meet the requirements of the demand.

Breeam certified offices are an increasingly common request for rented office buildings. Offices with the features needed to obtain the current energy and sustainability certifications have an added value that guarantees their strong performance in the market in the longer term.

The future of the office building is in maintaining the greatest possible level of efficiency and upgrading their energy features in accordance with the values demanded in each country, therefore identifying with the requirements of investors at all times.

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