Colonial and Utopicus: On the Path to Full Sustainability

Our pursuit of sustainability in office buildings is the translation into reality of ecological values and a genuine commitment to the well-being of both the environment and people. After all, offices are responsible for a significant portion of resource consumption and pollution from human activity. Limiting it is our ethical obligation. Hence our Sustainability Decalogue and our tireless effort to put it into practice.

An effort that also positively impacts each and every one of the companies occupying our buildings. In a sense, both Colonial and Utopicus, inseparable partners on this path toward full sustainability in office activity, act as a gateway to ecological operations for all these companies. Thus, all our measures and objectives are also a benefit to them. Objectives whose fulfillment has consistently exceeded all our expectations. Let's examine it in detail.


Carbon footprint 

The carbon footprint of both the construction and rehabilitation phases as well as the operational phase of office buildings is a vital metric for analyzing the sustainability of these assets. Colonial's commitment in this regard was to achieve, through the use of decarbonization strategies, a portfolio neutral in carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2030. However, the quality and breadth of these strategies have resulted in the fulfillment of this commitment seven years ahead of schedule. The efforts have been constant and accompanied by continuous monitoring. The result is offices that respect the planet.


Biophilic design

Connecting workers with nature has a triple impact: it improves their well-being, generates an increase in individual and organizational productivity, and promotes greater awareness of protecting natural environments and their inhabitants. Colonial's commitment to this is manifested through the installation of green roofs, the implementation of indoor purifying plants, the incorporation of micro refuges for native animal species, or the use of design elements harmonious with the surrounding natural habitat. Taking care of the environment is taking care of organizations.


Colonial y Utopicus: camino de la plena sostenibilidad

Green energy 

Offices need energy to function. A lot of energy. However, the important thing is not so much the quantity as the source of it: fossil fuels destroy the planet, while green energies protect it. Hence, Colonial set the goal years ago to ensure that all the energy used in its buildings was certified green energy. In 2023, well before the deadlines, 73% of the energy consumed in Colonial's buildings is completely clean, and in spaces managed by Utopicus, it's already 100%. Soon, all spaces managed by Utopicus or leased by companies will be green energy.


Cutting-edge technologies  

All companies with a sustainable motivation must embrace cutting-edge technologies to achieve greater energy efficiency and meet their environmental aspirations. From Colonial, and through the implementation of many of these technologies in our buildings, we provide companies with privileged and convenient access to them: control systems, regulation systems, and monitoring systems like the Proptech ed-i, developed exclusively for our buildings. Our clients can make wiser decisions about their energy consumption thanks to these cutting-edge technologies.


Colonial y Utopicus: camino de la plena sostenibilidad

Energy reduction 

The use of green energy sources is essential for a sustainable tomorrow. However, it's not only the quality but also the quantity of that exploited energy that matters. In that sense, Colonial has been working on this for years, and thanks to the energy reduction achieved in our properties, we have achieved a 27% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous year. This has a direct impact on the brand image of the companies occupying the offices. After all, the contemporary consumer seeks environmentally responsible organizations.


And this is not accessory. The occupation of a sustainable and responsible office by a company has a very positive impact on the brand image of the latter. Both towards potential customers and towards professional talent. It is easier to attract and retain the best when they feel they are working in a green environment that cares for the planet. And what company doesn't want to please consumers and interest top professionals? Don't postpone it. The era of sustainable office is already here. And you can be part of it right now. Take the key step. For the people. For the planet. For your company.

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