Apps to help you take care of the environment in your office


Apps to help you take care of the environment in your office

Technology is part of day-to-day office life and even though it sometimes has a negative impact and adverse effects on our surroundings, in reality if used well it can be the perfect ally, for example, in looking after the environment.

Did you know that there are mobile apps specifically designed to help conserve the environment? They are apps that help to understand the best way of saving energy in your office or of managing the carbon footprint that you generate while going about your day-to-day work. By using them every day you will be able to make your office a more environmentally-friendly place:

  1. Recycling Guide: Created by Ecoembes, this complete guide offers all the information you need to properly separate the waste generated in the office.
  2. Plume Air Report: If there is one thing of concern in workspaces it is air quality. This app informs you simply whether your office’s air quality is good or whether you need to improve it
  3. Carbon Tracker: This app is designed to calculate the daily or weekly carbon footprint. You can use it to check whether the company’s habits are sustainable.
  4. Green Tips: This guide is ideal for encouraging your company to seek more environmentally-friendly work and coexistence formulas. 150 practical tips ranging from how to reduce water consumption and air pollution, to making savings in material resources.

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