Air conditioning and heating energy savings in your office


Air conditioning and heating energy savings in your office

Changes in temperature lead to excessive use of air conditioning and heating during both the summer and winter, leading to the electricity bill increasing significantly due to the energy consumption implicated. If we add to that the fact that every employee working in the office has a different opinion on what is the ideal temperature, we have a recipe for irreparable energy wasting.

There are many ways to save energy, and some of them are very simple.

Firstly, only keep the climate control facilities on during the working day. There are programmable thermostats that enable you to regulate the temperature during certain time slots and program them to turn on just before the start of day.

The building’s thermal insulation is also very important. Insulating glass or doors which close fully can lead to an energy saving of 30%.

Given that having 3 people working in the same area is not the same as 30, there is the possibility of installing thermostatic vent in each room in order to regulate the temperature in a decentralised way.

Lastly, it is very important to keep the facilities in good condition and that they undergo a maintenance revision at least once a year, potentially leading to a saving of 15%.

At Colonial we care about our buildings’ sustainability; therefore we promote our office buildings having certificates that accredit this energy efficiency. In our portfolio you can check the energy saving seals that each of our buildings has been awarded.

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