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Resto | BD | 4 à 8, Rue Condorcet 75009 | Total surface above grade: 24.900 m²


Located within the 9th district, the property is situated in Paris Centre West in close proximity to the Central Business District of Paris and important transport hubs. The property was constructed at the end of the XIXth century and comprises 7 buildings. It benefits from a visible location bordered by 4 streets: rue de Maubeuge, rue Condorcet, rue Pétrelle, and rue du Faubourg Poissonnière. The overall character of the property is still heavily influenced by these historical features. The interior of the buildings includes a large number of neoclassical features, such as sculpted columns, painted ceilings, marble coated walls and wood paneling. The quality of the buildings is enhanced by the historic staircase of central building and the large accessible inner courtyard. Constructed in 1863 under the architect Léon-Armand Darru, the building benefits from a rich architectural heritage and is the historical site of the GDF Group which has occupied it since its construction.

Main tenants:


General characteristics

Total surface above grade

24.900 m²


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