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22@ | BD | Carrer de la Llacuna, 56-70 | Total surface above grade: 20.451 m²


The Illacuna office complex is located in the heart of the 22@ district, in the Eix Llacuna neighborhood.

With an area of 20,500 m², it comprises three buildings offering different standard layouts that house offices with an avant-garde design. The combination of different sizes in the split-level building gives a sensation of lightness and visual dynamism to this spacious building, which stands out for its originality and grandeur. The complex also has a special storage area for documents, which helps free up work space in the offices.

The high ceilings give a sense of spaciousness and the decoration was done using quality, durable and elegant materials. The complex has its own parking area and a 24-hour concierge service.

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General characteristics

Total surface above grade

20.451 m²

Above-ground area

1.115 m²

Floors above ground level


Parking spaces

Parking in the same building

Additional services

24-hour concierge service, Dry Cleaning

Electric car charging

Bicycle parking

Men's Locker Room

Women's Locker Room

Parcel service



Energy cost savings achieved through the use of the Building Management System. The Illacuna leasable office complex has the latest technological infrastructure guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. These measures include:

– 50% reduction in electricity consumption.

– 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The technological advances also include a pneumatic refuse conveying system, the DISTRICLIMA heating and cooling distribution system and an energy control and management system; plus a solar photovoltaic facility generating 36,000 kWh/year.



Breeam Parte I : Very Good



Breeam Parte II : Outstanding

CO2 emissions


Energy consumption



The Illacuna office complex is located in the 22@ district, in the Eix Llacuna neighborhood, between the streets of Llacuna, Pallars and Pujades, alongside the Rambla del Poblenou and the area of the old Ca l’Arañó textile factory. It offers the perfect combination of a quality urban environment -with all kinds of facilities, housing and green spaces- and thriving business activity.

Being close to Avenida Diagonal and Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, this office complex is perfectly located for the highways out of Barcelona. The Ronda Litoral beltway connects Illacuna with El Prat airport in just 20 minutes, the same time as it takes to cross the city to Sants train station. The whole of the 22@ area also benefits from an efficient transport network, linking it to various parts of the city.




Llacuna (L4), Poblenou (L4)


Ca l’Aranyó (T4), Pere IV (T4)

Type plant

Edificio A
Edificio B
Edificio C
(m²) Building A Building B Building C
Total Project 20.451
P9 678 - -
P8 756 - -
P7 1.150 - -
P6 1.150 - -
P5 1.150 - -
P4 1.150 1.039 1.037
P3 1.150 1.026 1.047
P2 1.113 1.026 1.047
P1 1.115 1.015 1.384
PB 812 526 1.080
Total 9.109 4.632 5.595
Parking car 390
Parking moto 84
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