Healthy Office Habits


Healthy Office Habits

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”. That is why, rather than a healthy life, we must talk about a healthy lifestyle that includes diet, physical exercise, health prevention, work, relationship with the environment and social activity. Office users with healthy living habits suffer from less stress and perform their various tasks more efficiently and productively, but how do they achieve this? 

In this article we share some of the keys that allow us to lead a healthier lifestyle in our work environment: 

What should we eat in the office? 

Our diet is a very important factor to consider in our day-to-day life, as it is the fuel that allows us to carry out all the activities that we have ahead of us. For this reason, it is recommended that breakfast include proteins and nutrients that provide us with energy. Some options could be a porridge with whole fruits and oatmeal or toast with scrambled eggs and an orange juice. In the middle of the morning, it is helpful to have a healthy snack that prevents us from becoming hungry. 

A good option could be a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit. A nutrient-rich meal is recommended at noon to give vigor in the late afternoon. A good combination would be one that includes protein (vegetable or animal), with a rich number of vegetables and hydrates. The evening is a good time to enjoy a drink with antioxidant and cleansing properties that will relax our body after a day of work. 

Resting your eyes  

The screen is the main tool for many professionals and directly influences our sight. Small actions such as looking through the window or simply taking our eyes off of the screen can prevent us from feeling tired, getting dry eyes, or suffering from mild headaches throughout the day. 


Spending time to exercise directly influences not only your daily productivity, but also increases the level of serotonin responsible for happiness. More and more companies are promoting spaces in their facilities so that users can exercise and do sports. There are even those who are choosing to hold meetings standing and without chairs to promote posture and help blood circulation. On the other hand, sports within the office building can also be a good option for developing social relationships with colleagues in the event of company exercise. 

Caring for body position 

Both furniture and body position play a very important role in wellness. Being in the same posture all day will wear down your body and can cause injury if we do not sit or stand in the right positions. To do this, we must pay attention to these details: The height of the seat must allow the feet to be supported on the floor, the armrests must be at the height of the table at an angle of 90°, and finally it is important to keep the back straight along with the shape of the backrest. 

At Colonial we work daily to create office buildings that allow for the incorporation of these healthy habits and allow users to enjoy spaces that promote a healthy lifestyle. And you? Do you practice any of these tips? Do not miss our weekly blog to stay up to date on these and many other trends. 

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