Sustainability: a key factor in the project of renewing the Torre BCN building


Sustainability: a key factor in the project of renewing the Torre BCN building

Since the 60-70’s the term “sustainable construction”, architecture and sustainable design have become architectonical trends. The idea behind sustainable architecture consists in using techniques and materials that are respectful with the environment during the construction process. It also implies using these materials in order to minimize the negative impact of construction through energy consumption and the space of development.

At the same time, it also means employing materials that minimize the environmental footprint during the fabrication process and during transportation. Another feature that sustainable architectures consider relevant is the possibility of using systems that take advantage and reuse materials in the most efficient way possible.

At Colonial we opt for buildings that are respectful with the environment, in terms of fabrication and material transportation. An example is the remodelling of the Torre BCN building which we will explain deeply in our blog.

Colonial’s Torre BCN building

INSITU Obras y Proyectos led the integral renewal of Colonial’s 7 floor building Torre BCN in 2020. During the whole process, professionals kept in mind the main values of the environmental policy and all protocols were followed to renew and reform the building sustainably. In terms of material management, the results obtained were far above the average, obtaining the following numbers:

  • More than 84% of responsible procurement of materials.
  • More than 83% of adequate management of non-dangerous residuals.
  • 100% of adequate management of dangerous residuals.

The energetic efficiency has also been a key aspect in the remodelling process, not just during production but also during the transportation of all materials used. To optimize the building’s energetic consumption, we used materials such as: ecologic paintings, curtains that reduce the thermic emissivity or ceilings and floors that incorporate labels probating they are respectful with the environment.  

Systems that promote energetic efficiency

Improving energetic efficiency does not only traduce in savings for companies, but technology also offers the construction industry the possibility of improving the interior’s performance through innovating automation systems. The companies that support maintenance and caution towards the environment obtain a better profitability, comply with the law, and improve their CSR objectives; without forgetting that they offer a healthy and secure work environment for its users.

Intelligent lighting systems with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) technology have been installed at Colonial’s building Torre BCN. This system optimizes the lighting needs by areas, uses and exterior contribution. In terms of climatization, the system chosen is the one which uses renovated air that improves consumption and needs according to zone and uses. On the other hand, the air filtering system, based on Active Polarization SIPAP, reduces more than 60% the energetic consumption. It implies a reduction of CO2 emissions and a maintenance cost that is very inferior to other conventional systems.

Everything is possible thanks to an intelligent management system BMS (Building Management Systems) that integrates total needs and acts in each equipment independently.

This project demonstrates once more the company’s compromise with sustainability and corporate wellness of the building´s users. In addition, it means a step further in our main goal: buildings with zero emissions.


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