The air quality in the offices, an increasingly important aspect


The air quality in the offices, an increasingly important aspect

Air quality in offices is already one of the main concerns of companies and workers. If before sustainability in offices was an important aspect for everyone, now in a new PostCovid scenario, it has become even more evident that this is a key point in work spaces.

Colonial is aware of this and has been working in this direction for some time, to guarantee the best health conditions for the users of its office buildings. That is why it has been working for years with the company Aire Limpio to improve the air quality of its portfolio and create healthy and sustainable spaces, even achieving a quality higher than the standards required by regulations.

Investment in these terms not only has an impact on people's health and well-being, but also leads to increased productivity on the part of employees and a greater increase in job satisfaction.

Pilar Jericó, a businesswoman and consultant, is clear about this relationship between productivity and health: "When we feel comfortable in a workplace, that's when we are most productive", and she explains that the interesting thing is "to create spaces that are like a spa, where you feel like and want to work".

In this sense, he highlights that when you go deeper into what workers want in terms of corporate wellness, "health issues always stand out, the first of all being able to have clean air and natural light".

The user, always in the centre

Abraham Martínez, from Colonial's Commercial Management in Madrid, adds that the key to this kind of project is to think about the users: "Nowadays, when we design a space we put the person at the centre. The office is an ideal showcase for the company to showcase its own values and for workers to want to be there", and the Aire Limpio project undoubtedly meets these requirements.

Tomás Higuero, Managing Director of Aire Limpio, is of the same opinion and states that people must be placed "at the centre of the company's strategy, as they are its greatest asset".

The projects that have arisen from the collaboration between Aire Limpio and Colonial focus on people's health, and constitute an ideal response to the problems that the current health pandemic poses for companies in their adaptation to the new normality in the workplace.

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