5 technological trends that are changing offices for the better


5 technological trends that are changing offices for the better

In places of work there are many reasons for perceiving technology as an enhancement of people’s quality of life. This change of paradigm brings greater work satisfaction and improves user experience.

Below are details of some trends that will continue to make a difference in the world of work and that are bringing positive changes in technologically advanced workplaces.

  1. Improving the balance of work and personal life: the importance of a good balance between work and personal life is encouraging more and more companies to offer flexibility to their employees. Technology is a basic factor in generating more comfortable and pleasant work environments for people without sacrificing the interests of organisations.

Programs such as Slack and Trello have improved communication and the organisation of tasks and have thus increased satisfaction and productivity.

  1. Digital tools continue to change the way in which we communicate: technology is improving collaboration among people and there is a growing number of tools that make the most of increasingly personal connection to streamline the processes of sharing information and collaboration.
  2. Improved diversity and inclusion driven by technology: corporate social responsibility for improving these aspects is essential if we are to advance as a society. The benefits of a commitment to diversity and inclusion are evident in the added value and benefits it yields both for people and for the growth of companies themselves.
  3. The increase in the use of artificial intelligence: this technology will expand in all areas. One particularly notable trend is the growth in voice-operated virtual assistants that are increasingly being integrated into offices to offer a technological ecosystem and to improve user experience.
  4. Improving cybersecurity and awareness of it: despite all the advantages that technology offers, there are still obstacles to knowledge with regard to security. The solution is therefore to strive to ensure that our office’s processes and tools have a strategy of total transparency and are familiar to all users.

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