Transparency in complying with tax legislation

Colonial is firmly committed to applying the best tax practices and being transparent with tax information.

Download the Fiscal Transparency Report 2020.

Policies and general principles in matters of taxation

Good governance, transparency and integrity. Colonial's commitment to good corporate governance, integrity and fiscal transparency is embedded in all areas of its business management.

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Breakdown of tax information

It is essential to clearly explain Colonial's tax contribution. Properly explaining the importance of Colonial's tax contribution is a priority for the company from the point of view of transparency and corporate social responsibility.

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Cooperative relationship with the Tax Administration

Committed to promoting cooperative relations with the Tax Administration. Colonial adhered to the Code of Good Tax Practices in 2015.

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Other tax-related information

Non-provision of tax services by the account auditor. Colonial does not hire tax advisory services from the firm that audits its accounts.

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