Board of Directors

The information regarding the shares of the company, and options on them, owned by the Directors is available on the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores.

Name of Director Position Nature of charge CE CNyR CAC CS
J.J. Brugera Clavero Chairman Executive P      
P. Viñolas Serra Chief Executive Officer & Vice-Chairman Executive V      
Sheikh Ali Jassim M. J. Al-Thani
Director Dominical          
Adnane Mousannif
Director Dominical V V   V
J.C. García Cañizares
Águila LTD
Director Dominical V V    
Carlos Fernández González
Director Dominical V      
Javier López Casado
Director Dominical       V  
S. M. Alonso-Castrillo Allain Director Independ.       V    P
L. Maluquer Trepat Lead Independent Director Independ.  V     V V V
A. Bolado Valle Director Independ.       P     V
A. Peralta Moreno Director Independ.       P   V
F. Palá Laguna Secretary Non-Director S S S S
N. Oferil Coll Vicesecret. Non-Director VS VS VS VS

If desired can view more details on the expanded table you will find in the following document:

Board of directors - display table