Mr. Luis Maluquer Trepat

Colonial Director since 2013.

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He holds a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and a Diploma in International Institutions from the University of Geneva.

Throughout his career at the law firm Maluquer Advocats, SCP, he has advised different national and international institutions, providing his services in the fields of consultancy, legal advice and lawsuits, arbitration and mediation procedures. He also has teaching experience at various institutions, such as the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and worked as director at the European Society for Banking and Financial Law (AEDBF Paris).

He is the founding partner of Despacho Maluquer Advocats, SCP, and is a board member and secretary to a number of companies, including Société Fonciére Lyonnaise, where he sits on the board. In addition, he has special powers of attorney and is secretary to the board of various subsidiaries of French and Swiss companies, especially in the infrastructure and agri-food industries. He is currently Chairman of the Argentinian Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

Category of Director:

As regards category of Director, the Board of Directors considers that Mr Luis Maluquer Trepat should be classified as independent Director, in accordance with Article 529 duodecies of the Spanish Limited Liability Companies Law.