Zero Waste offices, the new ecological movement


Zero Waste offices, the new ecological movement

Being sustainable in an office is not enough, right now the objective is being zero waste. The movement of zero waste is taking the ecological transition to its maximum level implanting a zero waste policy. Through the work of Zero Waste International Alliance, people and professionals are being more conscious about the social and economic benefits that are obtained when a company compromises with this concept. Without doubt, it’s a very important platform for a company’s green team, a concept that we explained in this same blog some time ago and that you can read through this link.

Get to know the zero waste movement

One of the initiators of this movement was Bea Johnson that, a few years ago, proposed reducing the waste her family was generating. Thanks to this experience, Johnson decided to reflect all her knowledge in Zero Waste Home, a philosophy that concentrates in 5 essential key points that anyone can apply in an office:

  1. Refuse: it consists in avoiding everything that generates waste that we can’t recycle and that we usually don’t need.
  2. Reduce: only possessing things that one needs and donating or giving a second life to everything that we don’t need any more.
  3. Reuse: it means not using products that only have one use and searching for an alternative. Also, we could talk about repairing everything that is damaged extending its life and avoiding buying another product unnecessarily.
  4. Recycle: not as a principal option but as a solution when everything mentioned hasn’t worked and we have generated waste.
  5. Rot: when we talk about organic waste, office composting es the most respectful way of getting rid of waste.

Tips to be a Zero Wate office

There are many gestures that will make your office a zero waste company. Maybe you are already applying them, but are you following all these tips?

  1. The main tip coincides with one of the 5R: reuse. All the members of an office must have a reusable water bottle, fabric bags and ecological utensils for all their daily routines.
  2. Ecological products for daily hygiene? Of course! Ecological toothbrushes, zero waste soap, recycled toilet paper…There are no limits nowadays.
  3. We’ve said it before, but we’ll repeat it: create your own office composting. This composting can be used in green zones from your building to generate, for instance, urban gardens. It’s not only important to show commitment but also to influence others.
  4. Fomenting a product’s second life. Why shouldn’t you organize a monthly market in other to give a second life to goods you are not using?
  5. The last tip is vital. Thinking: do I really need it? Asking yourself this before acquiring a product can help us generate less waste and consuming responsibly.

These are some ideas so that your green team can start working on but remember supporting participation and initiative of all your company’s members so they can provide new ideas that can make your office a 100% zero waste. The options are limited, and the need are global. Don’t forget having an objective and to measure annually the waste reduction to verify if your ideas and objectives are being met. If you follow all these tips, you’ll accomplish your goals in little time and you will become a Zero Waste Office. What are you waiting for?

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