The Top 5 of the world's architecture


The Top 5 of the world's architecture

When a year ends it is time to make lists and rankings with the best of each field. Although 2020 has been complicated for many, we want to close it in a positive way, reviewing some of the most spectacular buildings that have been erected worldwide.

In total, we would like to highlight five buildings, in no particular order of importance, which have made the headlines and have been the focus of much of the news in the sector. All of them are exemplary constructions that beyond admiring them, we can also learn from them. Let's get to know them!

Opus, by Zaha Hadid

To see the first one we travelled to Dubai, where we found one of the most important architectural projects of the last years, the Opus building. It is a hotel, and posthumous work of the architect Zaha Hadid, which stands out for the spectacular empty space between the two towers that make up the building. It also stands out for its asymmetrical three-storey bridge and glass façade. It is one of those buildings to spend hours and hours contemplating, in which everything is thought out and designed in detail. Sustainability is another of its main characteristics, because it has been designed to use plastic as little as possible and incorporates the latest technology to guarantee minimum energy consumption.

Apple Centre in Bangkok

Then we go to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, to realise that it is not only in the great powers that we find excellent projects. In this city there is a new Apple flagship, signed by another prestigious studio, Foster + Partners. It is a property that is simple in appearance but visually very powerful and full of details to look at. For example, the use of wood, treated to renew the air inside and absorb noise, creating the best possible acoustics. It is a two-storey building, which also stands out for its structure, which seems to come to life, thanks to an innovative exterior design made of glass with a cantilevered roof in the shape of a treetop. It is the perfect example of how the most natural elements can be perfectly combined with the latest technology, as inside we find different state-of-the-art elements, such as a large LED screen. A shop designed to be a haven of peace, in one of the busiest cities on the planet.

Axel Springer's new editorial office

Axel Springer is a German communications conglomerate that has moved to a new home this year. Its new headquarters well deserves to be the star of one of our trips, as its design stands out for its large central space that functions as a meeting point for the company's many departments, through different interconnected terraces, all of which are spectacular. In addition, and taking into account that the daily activity of the media sometimes generates curiosity among the population, there is a bridge open to the public, from which visitors can directly witness the daily hustle and bustle of the newsrooms.

Central Park Tower

The city of New York could not miss this ranking. This building is located in one of the most emblematic areas of the city such as Central Park and is 472 meters high, making it the tallest residential skyscraper in the world. If this is already a striking headline, the details that characterize it confirm that it is one of the most outstanding constructions of the year. Its interior alternates between prime level housing and commerce. There are a total of 179 residences with up to eight rooms, ranging in size from 133 to 1,626 square metres. Different architectural, engineering and design studios, all of which are world leaders, have joined forces in the project to create this work, which has a spectacular façade, made of glass and satin stainless steel, and which brings out the light to the fullest. It has taken 15 years to complete and it is well worth going to see it if you visit New York.

Crystal Skybridge

And we moved to China to close our particular ranking, with a skyscraper unique in the world, being the first one that also has a horizontal structure. The complex consists of eight spectacular buildings, which house hotels, offices, gardens, shops, restaurants and homes, a real conglomerate of spaces that is part of its attraction. There is even an "infinity" swimming pool, according to Safdie Architects, the authors of the work. Of all the elements it has, we would like to highlight two: the horizontal structure that connects four of the towers, each one 250 metres high, and a viewpoint not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo, but which offers spectacular views.

In short, an architectural journey around the world in which we have seen skyscrapers, shops, hotels... different types of buildings, but all of them with a surprising design and where sustainability is also a great protagonist.

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